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JANZANDER DESIGN uses nibs of the finest quality from renowned manufacturer Peter Bock. This choice guarantees a luxurious and satisfying writing experience for our discerning clientele. We provide nib selection consultation to ensure a precise match with our customers’ preference and style. The flexibility and subtle response of a gold nib offers the greatest degree of writing comfort.

Availible nib sizes :

EF  F  M  B  BB

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fountain pen gold nibs. jan zander design
Gold nibs Jan Zander Design
gold nibs jan zander
gold nibs Jan Zander Design

14 karat Gold nibs – 2 tone

steel nibs jan zander design
gold plated steel nibs. jan zander design
titanium nibs . jan zander design
rose gold plated nib.jpg

yellow and rosé gold plated

Steel nibs

Titanium nibs




STEEL nibs


The manufacturing of a nib is a demanding process that requires a high degree of accuracy and precision. This cannot be met if the final product ends up costing only a few euros. Price is therefore a reliable indicator of product quality. With nibs from Bock, you can rest assured that the manufacturing process is executed masterfully down to the last detail.




GOLD nibs


Compared to stainless steel, gold is a much softer material, too easily worn away by friction. As a consequence, a gold nib would become useless after only a few months. Therefore, the tip of a genuine gold nib has a writing grain made of iridium welded onto it and honed to the desired nib width in a process involving many individual steps.

This complex manufacturing process, combined with the cost of gold, is the reason for the significantly higher value of a gold nib. In return, a gold nib gives you that particularly soft and balanced writing sense that sets itself


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