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Grenadilla (African blackwood)

Grenadilla is a deep brown to black hardwood, belonging to the ironwoods. An absolutely perfect material for a writing instrument. Its natural warmth flatters the hand, and due to its grain and structure it is extremely hard and unique. But before a precious wood is ready to be used, it needs to go through a process of ageing and drying for up to 7 years. We only use woods that are ecologically sustainable and have a certified origin.


Ebonite is a particularly hard and solid material made of natural rubber and sulphur, which can be shaped with great precision. In 1851, Charles Goodyear applied for the patent for ebonite. The name of the black material is a reference to African ebony. The natural rubber itself is obtained from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). To extract the raw material, the bark of the rubber tree is scratched so that the latex seeps out of the tree.


Cocoon and the pen cases are made using carefully selected, high-quality leathers. The premium cowhide is purely vegetable tanned in a southern German tannery and is characterized above all by its noble sheen and brilliant color. In addition, this leather has a distinctive feel and an exceptional scent. These premium hides are processed with great effort by one of the few remaining leather manufacturers in Germany. Craftsmanship is created here with almost two hundred years of experience – that's something you can see and feel.


The carbon fiber tubes are manufactured using the pull-winding process. In this process, reinforcing fibers are wound onto unidirectional layered pieces by rotating winding equipment. This double fiber winding results in a higher flexural strength and torsional rigidity than pultruded, extruded tubes. Grinding gives the carbon tubes an elegant, silk-matt surface.

Mechanical parts

An critical partner for offering a quality product is Schmidt Technology, located in the Black Forest, which manufactures the best interior mechanical parts and refills. The ballpoint pen and rollerball refills glide across the paper so smoothly that you just want to keep writing.

The same applies to the quality and writing feel of nibs from Peter Bock AG. And yet, the production of a nib requires even more delicate handling and refinement. Each nib has been initiated and tested by hand to ensure and even flow of ink and that the nib won‘t scratch in any way.

Order and Purchase

  • If you like to order a product or you have questions please send us an email to or use the contact form. We will reply promptly and discuss the details

  • After the product specifications have been determined and payment has been received, we will provide you with a completion date

  • Each piece is handmade at the JANZANDER DESIGN workshop with singular focus on your pen

  • Your writing instrument will be delivered in an exclusive leather case for everyday protection

  • An enclosed certificate attests to the limitation, date of purchase and the production of your writing instrument

  • Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for production of your order. All of our products are shipped from Hamburg/Germany. Shipping and insurance are provided at no additional cost to you.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our product.

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