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Designer and Goldsmith

Montblanc Designer Jan Zander, Jan Zander Design

"To conceive and design products for renowned luxury houses, such as MONTBLANC, MONTEGRAPPA, LAMY and LOUIS VUITTON, requires experience and empathy in company philosophy and product strategy to inspire their customers with extraordinary products. I have been doing this for a long time – with a lot of passion and joy.

I design from the craft. I immerse myself in my own world in the workshop, with inspiration flowing from sketches to the work bench, embracing risk to find innovation in the application of materials, style and functionality.

These two
realms complement each other perfectly for me as a designer and craftsman."


Jan Zander was born and raised in Hamburg. After completing his training as a jeweler and goldsmith and working for several years, he studied jewelry design at the University Pforzheim Faculty Design.

In 1992, he founded "WORKER'S – Atelier für Gestaltung" in Hamburg with Heidi Simon. Three years later, he accepted MONTBLANC's offer to join the company as a product designer, where he created and developed new masterpieces for the luxury market. Jan Zander received numerous international awards and patents for his design work.     discover more

Following his 22-year tenure with MONTBLANC, he founded his own design studio in Hamburg, JANZANDER DESIGN.

In 2019 he established a small manufacturing facility, releasing his first original series of writing instruments, limited editions and bespoke pieces.

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