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limited_edition_inspired by_Mercedes-Benz W 125_montblanc edition_montblanc designer_hamburg_Jan Zander Design

Limited Edition

inspired by :

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The edition is a tribute to the speed, style and success of the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow W 125 and its successor models, as well as to the fascination of racing in general.

The design reflects the characteristic lines and aerodynamic elegance of the iconic racing car. The shiny aluminium body, the lamellar ventilation slits and the red starting number symbolize the distinguishing features of the legendary racing car. The cap and barrel are formed by hand from solid, pure aluminum on a lathe and polished to a mirror finish. The material is light but robust and offers unsurpassed durability and a pleasant feel.

The Edition inspired by: Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow W125  is limited to just 50 pieces. Each individual piece is given its own red starting number, which can be selected individually if the number is not allocated.


Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow W 125

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The unique edition is delivered in a handmade aluminum cherry wood box - screwed together with six screws. A special screwdriver is included for "unboxing". Inside, the writing instrument is stored on recycled rubber granulate obtained from old racing tires. The opened box then serves as a beautifully designed desk tray (the garage for the high-end fountain pen) - with a light scent of rubber.

An antiquarian book with pictures and reports on the historical moments of the Silver Arrows is included in the delivery.

3.800,- €

Team performance

limited_edtion_inspired by_ fountain pen_mercedes-benz W 125_Jan Zander Design_ Montblanc edition-designer_ Hamburg

Technical performance

The cap and barrel of the fountain pen are made of solid aluminum, the grip is made of hard rubber (ebonite) - like racing tires with good grip. The two-tone 14kt gold nib from the Peter Bock nib manufacturer is available in EF, F, M, B and BB widths and offers a balanced writing experience.

limited_edition_inspired by_Mercedes-Benz W 125_montblanc edition_montblanc designer_hamburg_Jan Zander Design

Silver Arrow - where does the name come from?

In 1934, Mercedes-Benz designed and built the W 25 in compliance with the new racing regulations.... so they believed.
Mercedes racing manager Alfred Neubauer told the story in an interview:
"The evening before the race, the cars are weighed and - found to be too heavy. According to the new formula, the Silver Arrows are only allowed to weigh 750 kilograms - without fuel, cooling water, oil and tires. But when the mechanics push the car onto the scales, they show 751 kilograms. What to do? The race is tomorrow."

By chance, Neubauer and his driver von Brauchitsch came up with the idea of sanding off the lead paint.

"The mechanics spend the whole night sanding the beautiful white paint off our Silver Arrows. And when they come back to the scales in the morning - they weigh a hair's breadth of 750 kilograms."

Bare, shiny silver aluminum was uncovered. And with that, a name and a legend were born: the "Silver Arrow". A few simple steps led to the launch approval and at the same time to an ingenious PR idea that continues to this day. Since then, the Silver Arrow and the color silver have been synonymous with fast high-performance, racing and production vehicles in motorsport.
Manfred von Brauchitsch's subsequent victory in the Eifel race at the Nürburgring marked the beginning of a new era. At this time, only Auto Union was competitive with its racing cars and drivers. In the years that followed, the two sides engaged in fierce competition.
The design of the W 125 formed the basis for the W 154 and other successful Silver Arrows.


Discover the history of the Silver Arrows by Mercedes-Benz here

limited_edtion_inspired by_ fountain pen_mercedes-benz W 125_Jan Zander Design_ Montblanc edition-designer_ silver arrow_Hamburg
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inspired by :

Limited Editions

Spirit comes in many forms. Whether it is born from myths, dreams or the  creativity that drives human achievement. Every creation has its inspiration. Here I aim to capture the essence of this rich tapestry.


These reserve editions are made available to our patrons, and especially those with a passion for collecting fine art and artisanry.

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