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with a devotion to detail

Products from the JANZANDER DESIGN workshop are produced to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.
Only the best materials and the most reliable functional components are used.



Balancing advanced materials and production technology with traditional
craftsmanship imbues every piece with a sense of history and the spirit of innovation.




Have a writing instrument made just for you. Your writing instrument will feature both art and utility, crafted to reflect your personality. We will draw
from your passions and can i
ncorporate select materials reclaimed from heirlooms or items of sentimental value you wish to carry through life.

Final touches like engraving and adornment can be added at your direction. As your life and interests are inspiration for this instrument, it becomes an extension of you. Throughout this tailored process, you will see your commission evolve into an object shaped by your passions.



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workshop, janzanderdesign
workshop, janzanderdesign
workshop, janzanderdesign
workshop, janzanderdesign

"works of art can only be created by hand"  

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