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the leather pen

The idea for this new type of fountain pen came from the design development of a package and the challenging question, "Why shouldn't a leather case be the pen itself?" The consequent implementation resulted in a piece with clean lines and a surprisingly simple functionality.

Due to the precise, handcrafted production, the container and cap sleeve can be pushed neatly into each other resulting in a pocket pen that does not need a clip. COCOON is made of the finest vegetable tanned leather in a variety of colors.


A writing implement and accessory in one.

Handcrafted with tradition

The leather is carefully selected, trimmed to the right thickness and embossed with the JanZanderDesign logo. After stitching, the leather blanks are shaped to fit over a core. Only through this precise manufacturing process can the cap and container be pushed into each other using only a little pressure. Then the edges are sanded and sealed. An outstanding North German leather manufacturer with years of experience ensures this precision.

The interior of the pen holder is made of metal, which provides stability and a balanced weight when writing. Hidden in the cap is an additional protective sleeve that keeps the nib from drying out.

The wonderful leather scent and fine feel makes COCOON an exceptional writing instrument.


cocoon janzanderdesign
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