montblanc writers edition thomas mann

MONTBLANC  Writers Edition

Any edition tends to follow a specific theme, for example, the Writers Edition has its focus on well-known writers.

By researching the respective writer, their works and their environment one encounters an array of design possibilities, which ultimately lead to a highly individualized design. It could be seen as a transformation - from the immaterial to the material.

Writers Edition Thomas Mann  2009


MONTBLANC  Patron of Art Edition

montblanc patron of art andrew carnegie

The Patron of Art Edition honors personalities who have greatly promoted culture throughout world history.

A higher retail price in combination with a limited quantity is what enables the use of exceptionally high-quality materials and complex manufacturing processes.

Patron of Art Andrew Carnegie  2002

grat characters edition albert einstein

MONTBLANC  Great Characters

People who have achieved extraordinary things in a variety of disciplines are the eponyms of the Great Character Edition. The designs tell us about well-known as well as surprising historic achievements.

Within this edition a wide range of quality levels has been developed.

Great Characters Albert Einstein  2012


MONTBLANC  Artisan Editions

montblanc artisan edition prince rainier III      albert

Artisan editions are produced in very small numbers and are almost custom-made.

The elaborate designs are implemented by goldsmiths and stone setters in pure craftsmanship. Here too, the design of the line is based on a meticulous research of the respective theme.

Artisan Edition Prince Rainier III  2007