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MONTBLANC  Meisterstück

Even an icon like the Meisterstück has to be further developed and updated. The design needs to be strong and innovative - while remaining timelessly classic.

Both materials and manufacturing processes are chosen so that the aesthetics and individual character of each Meisterstück can be reproduced taking into account the inherent manufacturing costs.

Meisterstück Solitaire Facett

Meisterstück Doué Geometric Dimension

Meisterstück White Solitaire Red Gold

Meisterstück Moon Pearl Le Grand


In 2010, the goal was to update the StarWalker design and taking it into a more modern direction. This was achieved by establishing a second line alongside it by the name of StarWalker extreme. By streamlining the lines, adding new proportions, material and colouring this was successfully accomplished.

StarWalker Extreme

StarWalker Extreme Ceramic

Anker 1
Anker 2


The further development of the Bohéme series emphasizes the rather feminine character of the writing instrument in material and color.

Time and again, it has been achieved to set modern accents and to create new buying incentives by using varnished surfaces and various studded stones.

Bohéme Ballpoint


In 2016, the highly successful writing instruments series Generation received a new, contemporary design.

The clear objectiveness of the Bauhaus style served as inspiration for proportions, clip, cap ring and colors.

Montblanc Pix
Montblanc Pix
Montblanc Pix

Montblanc Pix Rollerball

Anker 3
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