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Montblanc cufflinks, jan zander design


The range of cufflinks is endless - from classic to postmodern. Inspiration for new designs can be found everywhere - from Vikings to urban architecture.

Essential Sartorial Cufflinks
Anker 1


Bracelets are always included in men's jewelry collections. Here, the distinctive feature is not only to be found in the design but also in the closure.

For each new theme, a new type of closure was designed, providing each bracelet style with a distinctive character.

Montblanc Heritage Snake Design Bracelet
Heritage Snake bracelet  2016
Anker 2
Montblanc Artisan cufflink Kepler

Artisan Editions

As with writing instruments, there are also accessory editions, in which highly exclusive products are designed and produced in very small numbers. Often, the specific piece of jewelry has a direct link to the writing instrument.

Artisan edition Johannes Kepler  2015

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