The Design Studio

We realize projects focusing on writing instruments, accessories, jewelry and leather products for national and international customers.

Our work stands for innovation and design quality, for reliability and trust, as well as for precisely understanding our customers’ needs, brands and target audience.

We supervise design assignments from research and concept to supervising the technical implementation. We achieve a reliable decision-making process by using 3D designs, animations, mockups, and generating compelling visual and haptic simulations.

Thus our range of services includes, but is not limited to, creative and art direction, trend and market analysis as well as know-how transfer between different production processes and material developments.



Reflection leading to creation

The reason for developing a new product is to surpass the status quo. Such as making a product more sustainable by using innovative manufacturing processes or novel materials, or to renew the aesthetic form itself.

Our goal is to design a product with a long service life which is resource-saving in production as well as in use. Coherent quality and emotional attachment are essential in that.

Reflecting on cultural contexts helps us significantly in developing new product ideas in regards to function and content. We use our creative freedom to visualize new perspectives or concepts - leaving the familiar behind to go beyond borders.



“Creativity is mankind´s true capital” Joseph Beuys






22 years designer in creative management at MONTBLANC

Jan Zander began his career with a commercial training as well as a craft training as a jeweler and goldsmith. Thereafter, he attended university and graduated in 1993 from the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim/Germany with a degree in product design.

In November 1995, he became the first in-house designer to take over the newly founded design department at MONTBLANC International - and thus established and further developed a sustainable in-house design culture. He created a highly efficient business unit for the company, linking contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship and serial production, as well as establishing 3D design with direct production connectivity.

In the following years, Jan Zander developed and defined international trends and innovative design lines for MONTBLANC. After more than 20 years his hallmark design style has shaped a large part of the product portfolio, in particular in the areas of limited edition writing instruments, serial writing instruments, jewelry and leather goods. Thus, he has made a distinct contribution to the brand identity and to the overall success of MONTBLANC.


A Hamburg native


Jan Zander was born and raised in Hamburg.
After completing his training as a goldsmith and working as such for a year, he studied jewelry design at the FHG Pforzheim.
In 1992, he founded "WORKER'S - Atelier für Gestaltung" in Hamburg with Heidi Simon.
Three years later, he followed MONTBLANC's request to join the company as a product designer.
Jan Zander received various international awards and patent rights for his design work.
22 years later he founded the Jan Zander Design Studio in Hamburg.


Achter Lüttmoor 62
D-22559 Hamburg
+ 49 172 9800458
+ 49 (0)40 868518




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